Welcoming a Couple New Sponsors

You may have noticed a few changes to the right sidebar of the site recently – we have a couple new sponsors of Forgotten Weapons that I would like to welcome!

Rock Island Auction Company is the premier auction house in the country (probably in the world, actually) for firearms and militaria – we have been drooling over their glossy color catalogs for years. We’re very happy to have them aboard, and we look forward to visiting their showroom in person for one of the upcoming Premier Auctions. In the meantime, they have a regional auction coming up next week with thousands of guns looking for good homes.

The American Gunsmithing Institute is one of the best sources of detailed information on maintenance and gunsmithing for enthusiasts who want to become professional gunsmiths, folks in the business already who want to expand their knowledge base, and gun owners who want a better understanding of the guns they have. AGI has DVD Armorers’ Courses on dozens of guns, from Ruger automatic pistols to the Browning 1919 machine gun.