Vintage Saturday: Shaped Charge


M1944 Hungarian double AT projector
I got two warheads, one for each of ya’!

This contraption is a Hungarian M1944 (1944 Mintá = 44M) double AT Projector (dupla páncéltörövetö) aka the Buzogányvető (= the Mace). Only 700 units were made, and they served as HE/AT weapona. The warheads each hold 4.21 kg (9.27 lb) of high explosive, and the weapon could be used as a true AT weapon (the shaped charge defeated 300 mm of armor at up to 500 m) or as a sort of HE pocket howitzer (much like the original Blacker Bombard) with a range up to 1200 m. The warhead is rocket-propelled, with spin stabilization after the Nebelwerfer fashion, with angled jets around the circumference.

Thanks to Leszek for the photo and description!