Vintage Saturday: No Such Thing as Overarmed

Well, Leszek in Poland has been sending us a bunch of great vintage photos, so I’m not going to have to dip into my own stash for a while:

Russian soldier armed to the teeth (PPSh-41, 1895 Nagant, hand grenades)
“You talkin’ to me? Are you talkin’ to me?”

Yeah, you might not want to let this guy find out about your German heritage. Note the early PPSh-41, the brace of 1895 Nagant revolvers (who knows how many more of those are under the coat), and the hand grenades. Plus what appears to be a belt of 8mm for a ZB-37 – if he didn’t look so twitchy I’d like to ask him what that was for.

Leszek notes that the three middle grenades are early F1 models with particularly tricky and unsafe Kovyeshnikov fuzes.