Vintage Saturday: Faye Schulman

Faye Schulman, Jewish partisan
“We must not fear our enemies, it is for them to fear us” – Faye Schulman (second from left – click to see full size)

Faye Schulman was born in the small Polish town of Lenin in 1919 to a large Jewish family. After the German attack on Russia, the town was occupied, and in August 1942 the town’s roughly 2000 Jewish residents were executed by Nazi forces – with the exception of about two dozen, including Miss Schulman. She was a photographer, and was ordered to take and develop pictures of the mass execution. She did so – including a second set in secret to keep herself – and was able to escape into the forests and join a partisan brigade of Jews and escaped Russian POWs, where she served as nurse, photographer and fighter until the end of the war.

She married another Jewish partisan and moved to Canada in 1948, where she lives to this day. She published a memoir of her war experiences, which is still in print – as she explained, “I want people to know that there was resistance. Jews did not go like sheep to the slaughter. I was a photographer. I have pictures. I have proof.”