Video Q&A #3: What-Ifs and How-Comes

I initially figured these Q&A video would be a fun little side note, and I have been a bit taken aback by how popular they became…and so they keep getting longer. This one clocks in at nearly 50 minutes, and I think I got some particularly good questions. Let me know what you think!

  • Would we still have Browning pistols if the 1911 had not been adopted?
  • Gun designs from non-industrialized places
  • British .303 Conversions of the Martini
  • Weapons best left forgotten
  • What conflict led to weapons innovation besides the World Wars?
  • Reproductions I would like to see, and why we won’t see them
  • The MG81
  • And more!

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Note: I mentioned not having seen a photo of an MG-81 in ground use, and a viewer send me a link to this photo: