Vektor H5 Pump Action Galil

This Vektor H5 is one of a handful or semiauto rifles converted to pump action for sale in countries where self-loading rifles are or were restricted (another example is the PAR-3 Romanian pump action AKs that can still be occasionally found in the US). This one is in Australian, where a very small number were imported in the late 1990s (thanks to Reddit user MrSeacucumb3r for the photos!).


Interestingly, these never came into the US – probably because they use what are essentially original full-auto Galil receivers with full-auto fire control groups. The safety has been redesigned as a simply safe/fire switch in front of the trigger, but the internals and receiver are compatible full automatic, which would certainly catch the eye of ATF here. Actually converting one to self-loading functionality would require replacing pretty much everything except the receiver, of course. What guns like this basically did was replace the gas piston on a bolt carrier with a connecting rod attached to a shotgun style pump handle, so the pump duplicates the action of the gas system.

The H5 originally came with 5- and 12-round magazines and a wooden thumbhole stock. This one has had the stock replaced with an AR stock adapter and aftermarket AR stock (and Galil stock or adapter will fit the receiver). The magazine shown here is also a converted AR magazine, as Galil/H5 magazines are very hard to find in Australia. The top cover differs from that of a standard Galil because the rear sight block has been removed (along with the front sight block and gas block).