US Army Tokarev Rifle Manual

One problem I have consistently found with Russian weapons manuals is that they are all written in Russian, which I can’t read. The illustrations are still interesting and useful, but it does make some of the technical details difficult to figure out. However, the US Ordnance Corps happily had a habit of translating manuals for weapons US soldiers are expected to encounter in combat.

In this particular case, the US printed a manual on Soviet rifles and carbines in 1954, which we have acquired a partial scan of. The section we have covers the WWII-era selfloading rifles – the AVS, AVT, and SVT series. In addition to providing maintenance and disassembly instructions, it has a useful section explaining the differences between the various models. Between the updates, sniper, and full auto versions, there six different versions and they can be confusing at first.

Soviet semiauto rifle comparison table
Technical specs comparison table (click to enlarge)

The full document is available in PDF format for anyone interested. The text is good, although unfortunately the images have gone through several photocopies too many, and are not very helpful any longer (if we can find a print copy of the manual and make a better digital scan, we will).

Tokarov (sic) Rifles Manual (English, 1954)
Tokarov (sic) Rifles Manual (English, 1954)