US Advanced Combat Rifle Video

We had this video pointed out to us by reader Cris – a 1990 film put out by the US Army detailing the four rifles being put into testing to become the Advanced Combat Rifle. It was to replace the M16 as soon as 1996 – so we can pretty much tell that it all came to naught. The plan was one that had been around in fits and starts since the early 1960s: replace the single-bullet cartridge with a multiple-projectile round so as to increase the chance of scoring hits against fleeting targets in a  combat environment.

For the ACR program, the contenders were:

  • Colt ACR – Basically an M16 firing a duplex cartridge
  • Steyr ACR – A polymer-bodied bullpup rifle firing flechettes
  • AAI rifle – Advanced Armament Inc had participated in these programs all the way back to the 60s, and they entered a flechette-firing rifle as well
  • H&K G11 – A bullpup firing caseless ammunition with extremely fast 3-round burst capability

Anyway, I’ll let the video give you more details (they start talking about the ACR at about the 3-minute mark). Among other things, I found it interesting to see the emphatic recoil of the G11. Also, I want a testing range like the one built for this testing! 🙂

Thanks for sending the link, Cris!