Upcoming Martini Project

We haven’t done much (anything, actually) in the way of gunsmithing here on the site, and I think that should change. We’re always going to focus on spreading knowledge about interesting and unusual firearms, but a lot of the older and more interesting guns could really use some cleaning up by the time they get into a collector’s hands. So we’re going to do some occasional coverage of repair and restoration work. To that end, I’m picking up a Nepalese Gahendra Martini from IMA to fix up. If all goes well, I would like to do some work on the trigger as well and see if I can’t make it into a decent shooter (but that will depend on how the barrel looks). They start out pretty grungy looking, but that will make the end product look all the better.

Gahendra "Martini" (image from IMA)
Gahendra "Martini" (image from IMA)

On a side note, I should mention that these particular Nepalese rifles are not actually Martinis, but an indigenous Nepalese design much more akin to a Peabody or Westley-Richards rifle. I pulled a couple books out of our reference library to educate myself on the Imperial falling-block designs, with a thought to doing some reviews on them:

Martini rifle books

Well, it turned out that they are all either unavailable or unreasonably expensive – Skennerton’s there starts for $285, used. Ack! If anyone knows of a good used military book dealer with an online presence, please point them here! We would really like to have a sponsor in the book business so we can point folks to a good source for some of these specialty works. If you think you know one that would be a good fit here, please suggest it to them.

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