Union Auto-Revolver Addition

I forgot to post this with the video last week on the Union automatic revolver – it’s a scan of a vintage catalog page from the Union Firearms Company, listing both their automatic revolver and a more conventional semiauto pistol (which I don’t have any information on at this time). I don’t know the date of the catalog, but the auto-revolver is listed at $10.

If we assume this was from about 1913 (given that the gun was patented in 1909 and 1913 is as far back as the BLS’ inflation calculator goes) and trust the government inflation numbers, this would be the equivalent of $235.96 today. Not too bad, really – about the same price as a Keltec pocket auto today, which is the market point they were going for. I expect the production costs were very close to, or possibly greater than, that price and that’s why so few were made. It’s a nasty problem when your widget costs more to make than the market is willing to pay for it…

Union Firearms Company catalog
Union Firearms Company catalog (click to enlarge)