Two More Nazi Belt Buckle Pistols

Every since the first time I was able to get my hands on an alleged Nazi belt buckle pistol, I have had a hankering to collect photos of as many of them as I can, and start a catalog of the different examples. The vast majority are undoubtedly post-war fakes (I have a background post discussing how I came to this conclusion), and I am curious what information might come to light if one is able to see a large sampling of them side by side. It is possible there are some real ones out there (I have yet to see photos of the ones actually described in the ATF’s Curio & Relic list, for instance), but if I were a betting man I would wager they are fake to the very last one.

Anyway, since my last post on this subject I have come across two more examples; numbered 4 and 10. So, for anyone else who is interested, here are detailed high-resolution photos of both:

Number 4 (.22LR, 4 barrels)

Number 10 (9x19mm, one barrel)