Three Videos: Finland, Spain, and Hungary

From Vesamatti, a Finnish gunsmith student who reads the site, we have this neat video of a few older Finnish Army machine guns. The KP-31, KP-44, Sten, KVKK, and DP-27. Not guns we get all that much exposure to here in the US (except for the Sten…) – thanks Vesamatti!

Another video pointed out to me (I lost track of who sent it; sorry!) is a part of a documentary on Canadian volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. Very interesting material, both form a historical perspective and a gun perspective. In this particular section (it’s part 5 of 6), we get glimpses of a bunch of different machine guns in use – two Maxim-Tokarevs, a Hotchkiss 1924, a Hotchkiss 1914, and a Chauchat.

Lastly, I have a new video of my own to publish today, on bolt disassembly of the Hungarian 35M, 43M, and G98/40 rifles. A new set of Rock Island Auction videos will be starting next week, and one of them covers this family of three related rifles. I figured that some folks would be interested in just a tutorial on their bolt disassembly without sitting through all the other material, so I decided to make the bolt section a standalone video for easy reference: