The SVD with a Red Dot Optic (2-Gun Match)

This isn’t exactly a “forgotten” weapon, but it is a very cool one, and one we have been unable to pry out of Karl’s hands. In the recent May 2-Gun Action Challenge Match, Karl opted to shoot his NDM-86 (a .308 Dragunov) with a zero-magnification red dot optic.

The notion is that men issued SVD rifles were fully integrated into squads, and would have been expected to participate in non-sniper type activities, including close combat actions. In that situation, the shooter would remove the PSO optic and stow it in his web gear, and use the rifle with iron sights. We have good close-combat optics today that didn’t exist in the 60s, and so today’s SVD shooter can opt to swap between a magnified and a non-magnified optic for this sort of mission change. The question is, how well would an SVD actually work in a close-quarters type of situation?