The P.08 Luger and 1860 Army in Slow Motion

With my handy new high-speed video camera, I’ve started taking some footage of interesting guns operating. First up is the Luger:

The camera will do 500 frames/sec at very high quality, and just under 18,000 frames/sec at very low quality – and there is a sliding tradeoff between the two. So my goal is to work out the best balance of speed and video quality where we can clearly see what is going on in the mechanism. The 2,000 fps clip seems to work pretty well for the Luger – rifles run a bit slower in general so they can use higher-quality video, and a few pistols (like the 1908 Schwarzlose) run faster than the Luger and need a higher frame rate to really see well. I am doing more video with the high speed camera through this week…

Updated to add a second video, of a short-barreled 1860 Army replica, also at 2000 fps: