The Astra 903 – Nothing New in Advertising

Maybe it’s just me, but I always get a kick out of really over-the-top vintage advertising. I think that we can agree that the Astra 900 series is (and always has been) a nifty family of hand cannons. Chambered for 9mm Bergman, 9mm Luger or .30 Mauser and firing full auto from detachable magazines, it goes to show that today’s high-speed PDWs like the P90 aren’t all that novel an idea.

But take a look at this piece of an original Astra 903 advertisement:

Astra advertisement

Yep, good for guarding banks – and big game hunting! I guess since Karamojo Bell could hunt elephants with a 7×57, you can go sneak up on a grizzly with a .30 Mauser…why not?

If you read on, you would learn that it’s also accurate to 1,000 meters, skated through a 10,000-round endurance trial, more effective for military use than machine guns, and is guaranteed by the Spanish War Ministry to be virtually immune to wear or breakage. How could you possibly go wrong?

Check out the whole thing here (PDF format):

Astra 903 Advertisement
Astra 903 Advertisement