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Select-fire Rifles

A Tantalean Ordeal

or How the Poles Got to Have their Small-Caliber Kalashnikov Made “My Way” We don’t often talk about modern weapons here, but the Polish wz.88 “Tantal” is moving quickly towards obscurity.Rendered obsolete by logistics nearly […]

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Heavy MGs

DShK Video

We’re still working on an extended write-up on the DShK heavy machine gun, but thanks to our friend Leszek in Poland, we have some nice HD video of one firing: The Russian counterpart to to […]

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Submachine Guns

Mors wz.39 SMG

I’m very happy to present another guest article by Leszek Erenfeicht today, on a very rare and quite unusual Polish submachine gun from the years just prior to WWII. As always, Leszek does a great […]