Syrian Sturmgewehr Cache

Allah ackbar indeed! Why can’t I ever find a storeroom full of Sturmgewehrs?

If anyone reading this has contacts in Syria,you might consider recommending that they try to exchange them on some international market for a much larger number of more modern arms. The StG44 is a good design, but there probably isn’t a whole lot of 7.92×33 ammo floating around Syria. Plus, in my experience a lot of original StG magazines are pretty finicky, and that’s not what you want in a firefight.

The guns could only come to the US as parts kits, to be chopped up in a bonded warehouse (sadly) – but perhaps there are buyers in the middle east or former Soviet republics that could keep them intact and make it a profitable find for the Free Syrian Army (whom we wish the best of luck in toppling their dictator).