Swiss Week – LMG25 video

This week, we will be featuring all Swiss weapons here at Forgotten Weapons. Kind of like Shark Week, but more land-locked. We’ll kick off today with a video showing you around a Swiss LMG-25 light machine gun we found for sale at Cornet & Company in Brussels (a better gun shop than any I’ve found here in the US, I must say). Like pretty much all Swiss arms, it’s a gorgeous example of precision machining – and like pretty much all Swiss arms it was too expensive for anyone else to adopt. On this, as with other Swiss weapons I’ve handled, you can just feel the quality in how smoothly the moving parts operate.

In case you’re wondering, that LMG25 was live and fully functional, and priced at 1950 Euros (about $2800) – mere pocket change compared to machine gun prices here. It’s not too difficult to get the permit to own it in Belgium, but sadly there is no legal way to bring it into the US.

In addition, I also found a small video of someone else (not us, unfortunately) shooting an LMG-25. I tried to download a copy and put it on YouTube, but my tech skills aren’t quite up to the task – so you’ll have to go over to ImageShack to see it: LMG25 firing.

More on the LMG25 tomorrow!