There are a handful of specific guns or parts that I am always keeping an eye out for, either for my own collection or a friend’s. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be interested because of condition, price, etc, but if you have any of these items and are interested in selling them, please let me know!

  • Belgian or Turkish Model 1891 Mauser
  • Beat-up shooter grade Bergmann M1910 or M1910/21 pistol (one that is mechanically intact but that I don’t need to worry about scratching or banging around)
  • Stock and hardware for a .45-70 Remington-Lee bolt action rifle (need to replace a sporterized stock)
  • 1883 Hotchkiss bolt action rifle in .45-70
  • Indonesian conversion of a Dutch M95 Mannlicher to .303 British
  • Registered transferable Chauchat machine gun (preferably Finn “SA” marked, with several magazines)
  • Balkan guns with trench art/carvings/graffiti (WWII vintage and earlier)
  • Luger toggle axis and toggle axis pin

and, of course…

  • Anything funky, weird, or unusual! If it looks like it might get featured on the web site, I will probably be interested in it.


I should mention that if a particular gun you offer me is something for a friend rather than myself, I will be putting you in contact with the friend directly – I will not be making any straw purchases.

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