Ross Model A-2 Pistol Photos

A reader named Paul sent me these photos of a very odd pistol that was allegedly found in Germany during WWII. In fact, this is a very rare Ross automatic pistol, patented in 1903 by Charles Ross, of the Ross Rifle Company in Quebec. It is a short recoil, toggle locked design, made for the .45 Ross proprietary cartridge (although efforts were made, unsuccessfully, to make a .45 ACP version for the US 1907 pistol trials).

This one has a somewhat crudely stamped “GL” on its barrel (see the last photo), which I suspect originated at the same time as the story about it being found in Germany. I would guess that an unscrupulous owner (who may or may not have known what the gun actually was) make up the German origin story and added the GL marking in an effort to pass the gun off as a very expensive prototype Luger of some sort. After all, it is a toggle-locked pistol, and to most people that is only associated with Lugers.

Anyway, I thought the photos would be good to publish, as I just recently filmed a video on another example of a Ross A-2 pistol which these will be good to compare with. That video will publish in probably a month or so, after the upcoming series of videos from Rock Island.