Still Talking When There’s Science to Do

The monthly 2-gun match was yesterday, and I used the opportunity to do some research into a classic question:

To what extent can the faster action and increased magazine capacity of an Enfield rifle compensate for a less skilled shooter, as compared to a Mauser rifle?

With the help of my friend Karl (who is most definitely a better shooter than I am), I carried out what could only loosely be considered scientific investigation into the question. Karl shot the match with a WWII German Kar 98k (and a Mauser C96), and I shot it with a 1916 No1 MkIII* SMLE. This particular rifle is a fairly recent acquisition for me, but I have a fair bit of experience shooting a No4 MkI Enfield, and that translates very well to the earlier SMLE. Karl also has a reasonable amount of practice under his belt with the Mauser, so neither of us can claim unfamiliarity with our rifles.

So, over the course of four stages of competition, will my Smellie’s faster operation be enough for me to catch or beat Karl? Check out the video tomorrow to find out!