Standard Arms Model G Rifles at RIA (Video)

Right at the beginning of the 20th century, there were 3 options on the market for semiauto commercial sporting rifles in the US: the Remington Model 8, the Winchester 1905/1907 Self-Loader, and the Standard Arms Model G. The Remington and Winchester were both good guns, and sold well – the Standard Arms was pretty much a flop, and has definitely become a forgotten weapon today. Its primary fault was durability – the rifles had a reputation for parts breakage, as the design wasn’t quite well enough thought out to handle to power of the rifle cartridges it was chambered for.

The Model G used a tilting bolt like the FAL and a long-stroke gas piston to cycle, and had the interesting option of allowing the shooter to disable the gas system and run the rifle as a pump action instead. It was available in the standard Remington autoloader cartridges, with .30 Remington seeming to have been the most common (and both of these examples are in .30). After the Model G was discontinued, an attempt was made to continue selling guns using the same parts by releasing the Model M, which was pump action only – but this failed to attract enough interest to keep the company afloat.

These two examples are available as a single lot from RIA on Friday, February 20th.