Sons of (Forgotten) Guns

Yep, I am in the season finale of Sons of Guns, which first airs tonight. Want to see my video on the original Bigot we found in a private collection? Well, have a look:

If this is your first time hearing about my site, I encourage you to settle in and have a look around! Over on the left side of the screen are a bunch of expanding menus with scores of guns that I have manuals, pictures, videos, and descriptions of. I have everything from experimental early semiauto rifles like the Cei Rigotti and Farquhar-Hill to anti-tank artillery like the Bofors 37mm to pistols like the blow-forward Schwarzlose 1908 and the Savage .45 that competed against the 1911 in trials to become the American military standard sidearm.

Want a suggestion of a cool place to start? How about SMG Guns’ awesome reproduction FG-42 German WWII paratroop rifle? (and if you decide to buy one tell them you saw it here, so they will keep sending me sample ones to play with!). Stay tuned on Monday, when I will be posting video from this weekend’s 2-Gun Action Challenge Match where I use one of these FG42s to compete against a BAR…