From our friend Steve Hill at Spotted Dog Firearms, we have a good set of photos of an original World War I Winchester (as a result of British trials, it was determined that Winchester made the most accurate rifles, and only Winchesters were used in sniper conversions) P14 rifle converted to sniper use by the British. Unlike many P14 snipers, this one was not arsenal reworked after WWI, which makes it particularly interesting. The scope is the correct type, made by the Periscope Prism Company (and in excellent shape).

P14 Sniper barrel date
P14 Sniper – correct 1917 barrel date under the rear handguard
P14 Sniper rear sight ear
P14 Sniper rear sight ear marked with serial number (scope bases cover the original serial number marking)
P14 Sniper rear sight
P14 Sniper rear sight – correct fine-adjust type (Winchester proofed)
P14 Sniper volley sight base
P14 Sniper volley sight base – volley sights removed for sniper use

You can see all the photos here (or download the complete gallery as a zip archive):

[nggallery id=115]

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