Small Arms of China – Update

Several years ago I had the opportunity to interview Bin Shih, who had just published a book in both English and Chinese on Chinese small arms – China’s Small Arms of the 2nd Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945). It was basically self-published, and sold out very quickly. Well, I have been informed by Bin that a second printing is now available – so if you missed it before you have another chance. 

I should do a standalone review of the book, but it will take me a week or two before I can. I the meantime, folks who are interested should be aware that the English and Chinese versions are not the same. The Chinese version ($30) has good color photos, while the English translation’s pictures are all in black and white, and not as crisp. Getting just the English copy ($40) will give you the written information, but getting both the information and the good photos will require both copies ($60 for the set). It’s not information that is available elsewhere, but $60 seems to me a bit steep for the size of the book – I wish he had been able to use color photos in both language versions.