Slow Motion: Interesting Extractor Problem (Schwarzlose 1898)

Many people don’t realize that an extractor is not strictly necessary in many types of pistols – several early blowback models (notably the Bergmann 1896, as well as some later Spanish pistols) did not even have extractors. The residual chamber pressure after the bolt opens is often sufficient to push the case out of the chamber. In 20th century extractor-less pistols, one will usually find a tip-up barrel, to give the shooter a way to manually remove an unfired cartridge.

At any rate, the Schwarzlose 1898 in today’s video does have an extractor, it simply wasn’t working 100% in our shooting session. Two particular shots that seemed to function normally in real time turned out to actually be extractor failures when I reviewed the high-speed footage, and I thought they would make an excellent case study.