Shooting the Techno Arms MAG-7 (properly!)

A while back I filmed some shooting with a Techno Arms MAG-7 shotgun in the US. It had been set up in the American non-NFA configuration, with a terrible wooden stock and long barrel, and I had not been able to find the appropriate mid-length shells for it. Well, on a trip to South Africa I had a chance to try shooting another MAG-7 in the proper intended configuration and with actual Techno Arms ammunition.

It was much better this way, not surprisingly! The metal folding stock is still pretty poor, but the recoil from the shells was lighter than I expected (enough so that I am a bit dubious of its actual terminal effectiveness). It ran reliably, which was nice, although the really annoying problem of slamming the tip of your trigger finger into the pump handle remained! My host managed to do that not once but twice, and was suffering from it well into the next day.

So…it you can get (or make) the specialty ammo and are willing to overlook all its other warts, the MAG-7 is not the worst choice you could make in shotguns. I will still stick to a proper Mossberg or 870, though.