Shooting the Singapore Technologies SAR-21

We lucked into a chance to disassemble and shoot a pretty rare black rifle recently – an SAR-21 bullpup made by Singapore Technologies (and this is why we take a camera everywhere we go). Singapore is another one of those countries with an impressive arms industry that most folks don’t know about, and the SAR-21 is a pretty impressive product. So, let’s take a look:

Unlike so many new rifles out there, this is not just a remake or variation on the AR15 or AR18. The two-lug bolt and carrier remind us a bit of the FG-42, although the SAR-21 uses an AR-style cam pin instead of the FG-42’s method of holding the firing pin on the oprod. There seems to have been a lot of practical thought put into the design, with a very controllable rate of fire, good all-purpose optic, built-in laser, easy disassembly and easy cleaning access. We have a bunch of very nice photos of the gun courtesy of its owner, and we’ll be posting those along with a more thorough writeup shortly.

Equip a military unit with these and Ultimax LMGs (also made in Singapore), and I don’t think you would have no worries about small arms and could move on to dealing with other issues.