Shooting and Disassembling A.I. AR-10 rifles (Video)

I had a gun-shop-owning friend offer me a chance to do a video on a Portuguese contract AR-10 made by Artillerie Inrichtingen in the Netherlands a little while back. Unfortunately, it had just sold, and so we didn’t have an opportunity to doing any shooting with it. I put off the editing of that video for a while, and then happened to have a chance a week ago to do some shooting with a registered full-auto Sudanese contract AI AR-10. They aren’t the same gun exactly, but very close. So when I put this video together, I added in that shooting footage, so we could have the complete package. Enjoy!

For the record, I would compare a full-auto magazine dump in an early (ie, lightweight) AR-10 to these other probably-similar experiences:

  • Snorting Tabasco sauce
  • Using your shoulder to support a working jackhammer
  • Getting Tased

The design’s straight-line stock does a great job of preventing the gun from climbing, but it does nothing to mitigate the significant amount of energy being dumped into your shoulder when you unleash the full-auto switch. While I was able to keep the rifle pretty much on target, it was entirely a result of taking a sight picture before firing. Once the gun is going off, I found it impossible to do anything but hang on. I would very much like to try out some other select-fire .308 shoulder rifles (FAL, G3, M14, etc) now to get an idea of how they compare…

Also, should you find yourself visiting Tombstone Arizona, make sure to drop by Tombstone Territorial Firearms – it is a great little shop with an excellent assortment of interesting guns despite being in a small town! James (the owner) is a good guy and has been very supportive in working with us.