Several Items…

No Vintage Saturday today – I’ve had a number of items stack up that I’d like to post in between the RIA videos this month. First up, I found a very neat Nova documentary on WWI aircraft, done in conjunction with New Zealand’s The Vintage Aviator Ltd. I think it’s neat to take old guns to 2-gun matches to get some glimpse at how they handled in real use, but TVAL goes way, way, WAY further, actually building exact functioning reproductions of all sorts of WWI aircraft (and engines). Their guns are dummies because of NZ law, alas, but the documentary (free to watch on Nova’s web site through the link above) is a lot of fun to watch regardless.

Second, I recently had a chance to attend a demo of a new brand of precision .308 and .223 ammo, called Eagle Eye. It’s not something that really applies directly to what we do here at Forgotten Weapons, but I expect a decent fraction of you guys may find it interesting – they guarantee 1/2 MOA performance from every lot. You can see my full article on it over at TheFirearmBlog. Also, it was a fun opportunity to make some 800-yard rifle shots with coaching from Glenn Dubis and Kelly Bachand. 🙂

Third, I had the opportunity to help out with a paper ARES is publishing Monday on the arms being used in the current Ukraine conflict. It goes beyond small arm into vehicles, artillery, explosives, and more. Interesting reading for any weapons nerds out there (you know who you are!) and anyone interested in keeping tabs on the events.

Last – but certainly not least – we finally have the next installment of InRange TV published! I’m very happy to say that it is now free to watch, and hosted by a new site devoted specifically to gun-related video called Full30. InRange will be appearing there weekly, and the first piece is a very impressive (if I may say so myself) series of experiments with Russian and German WWII explosive ammunition. How effective was that stuff? Check out the video and see for yourself!