Selling my Vickers HMG

Yes, it is a sad thing to do, but it must be done. I am selling my Vickers heavy machine gun. A few details…

The gun is an Australian WWII piece factory refurbished in 1952 and built on a Colt 1918 sideplate, registered and fully transferrable. It is currently set up to run 7.62x54R using steel Russian Maxim belts, and runs like a champ. Before I owned it, it belonged to a local dealer who kept it as a safe queen. It is in mechanically excellent consition, and aesthetically very good condition (the paint isn’t quite perfect anymore).

It includes:

  • Caliber conversion for 7.62x54R (chamber reamed 303 barrel, CNC-cut extractor, my own handiwork opening up the feedblock)
  • Caliber conversion for .303 British, plus a second .303 barrel (unmodified brass feedblock)
  • Caliber conversion for 8mm Mauser (Turkish feedblock and extractor, B.Blindee barrel)
  • Original tripod and pintle, both in excellent working order
  • Original Lithgow transit case (dual purpose, for Vickers and Lewis guns)
  • Spare parts chest with an assortment of spares (see photos below)
  • Original hose and condenser can
  • Flash hider
  • Steel optics mounting bracket (for an indirect fire sight, or mounting anything you can rig up into a dovetail)

I am asking $22,000, due on sales agreement (you pay the tax stamp). I would prefer Arizona pickup or delivery to avoid shipping all this iron, but the buyer and I can work that out.  Gun can be inspected at SAR West, if you would like me to bring it there in a couple weeks.

This is an excellent original gun, and will make an ideal investment as well as a wonderful shooter. Parts are easy to come by since the Vickers was in service essentially unchanged for 55+ years (leaving aside the parts you will already have and the fact that Vickers guns don’t break parts). I will happily defend the position that it is the best heavy MG ever built. If you want even more caliber options, South African kits in 7.62 NATO are out there, as well as Colt kits in .30-06. If you want the queen of machine guns, this is it.

I will consider serious offers, and would also consider partial trades for a good running Chauchat or a Type 99 Nambu (dewat would be fine). Email me at and let’s find this warhorse a new home! All NFA rules apply, of course. No sales outside the US.

Now, a gazillion photos:

Complete setup:


Tripod & Pintle:


Transit case: