Schwarzlose 1898 Preview

Yesterday turned into a rather hectic afternoon, as a friend dropped off half a dozen fantastic guns that we will be out shooting tomorrow. Yesterday was my opportunity to become acquainted with how they work and prepare for shooting videos today. So instead of writing an insightful and interesting post for you, I was up to my elbows in parts. Like this:

Schwarzlose 1898 disassembled
Schwarzlose 1898 disassembled (click to enlarge)

I should say, I have not yet figured out why this pistol did not become very popular – as far as I can tell from handling, it is outstanding. It fits my hand better than most modern pistols, and the sight are almost perfectly in line with my eye when I bring it up on target. The controls are simple and modern (manual safety accessible from a firing grip, manual holdopen and slide release integrated into a single lever), the mechanism is simple (the mainspring does triple duty as recoil spring, striker spring, and extractor spring, for example), and it fires a cartridge that is adequate even by modern standards (7.63mm Mauser). And yet it seems that fewer than a thousand were ever made, and most of those were wholesaled off to Russian revolutionaries in 1905.

1898 schwarzlose
It even looks reasonably modern today…