Russian Followup

Two followups for you today, courtesy of readers who ferreted out some addition material for me – thanks guys!

First, my vintage photo of the Soviet marine snipers generated a bunch of discussion of the Soviet marine troops, and Ruy sent me this photo of a Marine landing party wearing the rare “land” uniform (you can see the striped naval shirts peeking out at the neckline). Note in particular the khaki covers worn over the naval headgear. This particular unit belongs to a naval assault battalion led be a Major Caesar Kunikov, and the photo was taken in the coastal town of Gelenzhik – an important supply depot which was near the front-line in 1942-43 and not far from Novorossiysk.

Soviet naval assault troops
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Staying on the Soviet theme, we also have a manual to share, thanks to Juul. You may recall that I posted a part of a 1954 US-made manual on Soviet semiauto rifles a little while back. I didn’t have a copy of the complete document, but Juul found one – so here you go. In addition to the SVT/AVT family, this also covers the various Mosin-Nagant rifles and carbines (including the very rare 1910 carbine):

Soviet Rifle and Carbine Identification and Operation (English, 1954)
Soviet Rifle and Carbine Identification and Operation (English, 1954)