Rifle Sale! SMLE, MAS-36, Spanish Mauser

I have a couple of rifles that I no longer need in the collection and might interest folks here. All prices include shipping, and the guns are all C&R eligible. No international sales – sorry. If you’d like one of them, just drop me an email at admin@forgottenweapons.com. Thanks!


First up is a 1915 dated SMLE, made by BSA. It has seen a pretty hard life, and has lots of…character. Mismatched bolt, and several factory stock repairs. The bore is dark. That said, it really is a neat rifle and it was what I used in the 2-gun match a while back again Karl and his K98k. Asking $325. SOLD

2) MAS-36

Next is a French MAS-36, still in the original 7.5mm caliber. I don’t see an import mark on it anywhere, although it’s possible it was on the barrel and has been worn off. The bore is poor (dark), and counterbored. There is a big “8” carved into the bottom of the grip, which I can’t explain. Bolt is mismatched. Asking $225. SOLD

3) Spanish M1893 Mauser

And the last of the rifles, a Spanish 1893 pattern long rifle. Made at Oviedo in 1923, and in 7mm Mauser. Pretty nice bore, and all matching except the safety. The wood is unsanded and good other than some gouges. Asking $300.