Richard Wray Machine Gun Auction Followup

So, the auction of the late Richard Wray’s machine gun collection (see previous post) was yesterday, with the non-NFA guns being auctioned today. The final prices are interesting to look at, with some wallet-wrenchingly high and some great deals – at least for folks who are into the unusual.

Basically, the key was to be looking for guns that people don’t recognize. There were some great deals on really weird guns (including oddballs that aren’t necessarily poor designs), but the guns you’d recognize from major movies went for big bucks. Rule of thumb? French, Italian, and Japanese are cheap. German, British, and American are expensive.

Neat Budget Guns

Twin Darne belt-fed guns on an AA mount- $12,650 (for the pair)
M1914 heavy Hotchkiss on AA mount – $9,775
Darne single gun – $5,175
Italian Scotti fixed aircraft gun – $4,370 (cheapest machine gun sold)
Chatellerault M24/29 – $12,650 (this probably would have been my first choice, if I’d had the money to play with)
Japanese aircraft Lewis gun – $10,925


Inglis MkII Bren – $51,750
8mm Bren MkI – $48,300
MG-42 – $52,900
MP-40 – $43,700
Savage Lewis gun – $41,400
Browning M1919A6 – $44,275
Colt 1921A Thompson – $42,550
Maremont M60 – $51,750

You can see all the other final prices in the auction catalog. And do you remember that gorgeous Swiss Maxim with accessories that I couldn’t stop drooling over? It went for $25,300 – I think someone got a total steal on a phenomenal historical machine gun there. Congratulations, whoever you are!

Swiss model 1911 Maxim gun
Swiss model 1911 Maxim gun