Remington Model 8 Extended Magazines

After posting the video on the Remington Model 8 last week, we received an email from reader Rod, whose grandfather was an auxiliary police officer and something of a gun nut. One of his rifles that Rod inherited was a Model 81 modified by Remington to use extended (15-round) detachable magazines. We have a few photos of it and the magazines here:

Remington Model 81 w/ extended magazine Remington Model 81 w/ extended magazineNot very any of these police model guns were made; they just didn’t sell well. The distinguishing features that identify this as a legit period conversion are the heavier-than-normal foreend, the sling swivels, and the lack of a bolt release catch. In fact, one of the folks from the Remington Society page on the Model 8/81 has put together a page and a YouTube video explaining these variants of the 8 and 81 in excellent detail:

You can see the full written page here: Police Model 8 and Model 81.

Thanks to Rod for the photos!