Reising light rifle prototype

We have some more information to add to the page on the Reising light rifle prototype today. A reader in Brazil send us a series of color photos of an example of this design, slightly different than the Aberdeen example in our other pictures.

H&R / Reising light rifle prototypeThis was one of the prototype rifles submitted to the trials program which would eventually produce the M1 Carbine. Many of the leading designers of the day submitted designs, and we have information available on most of them in the Vault.

Going back to the Resigin design, we also have an article on the carbine written by Sgt. Gary Paul Johnson, who had the opportunity to test fire this prototype (reprinted with his permission – thanks Gary!).

Reising’s .30 Caliber: Almost an M1 Carbine

You can see the whole new gallery of photos as well as the rest or our information on the Reising / H&R Light Rifle Prototype page in the Vault.