Ralf Dieckmann Interview

Ralf Dieckmann is a German-born firearms designer who grew up as a small child in Berlin during World War II. His interest in firearms developed in the post-war years with war detritus literally lying about in the streets. He emigrated to Canada and enlisted in the Canadian military, where he first designed his P66 pistol. Using that pistol, he found himself work with a series of American gun companies, including Mossberg, Thompson Center, and Ruger (three times!).

Mr. Dieckmann was generous enough to take the time to tell us some of his story, and I found very interesting. I think designers today have a lot to learn from his experiences, and firearms enthusiasts will find his pistol design quite appealing as well.

Also, you may have seen some of his more recent work on the cover of the Collector Grade Publications book “Full Circle”…