Q&A Video #1: H&K G11, Owen, F1, Worst Gun Ever, and More!

As part of my new fundraising system on Patreon, I am starting a monthly Q&A video series, answering questions from Patreon contributors. The support from you folks is a tremendous help to me in running the site, and I really appreciate it! This month I am addressing:

  •  H&K G11 (and caseless rifles in general)
  •  Origins of clips and magazines
  •  Firing a Japanese Knee Mortar
  •  Union carbines from the Civil War
  •  WWI aircraft gun technology
  •  The worst gun design ever
  •  Australian subguns – the Owen and F1
  •  Ideal guns for complete beginners

If you enjoyed this format, please let me know, and if you have suggestions for making it better, please share those as well, in the comments below. Thanks!