Q&A #4: These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Time for another monthly Q&A video – thanks to my supporters on Patreon for helping to make this possible! I have a whole bunch of questions this time, and have timestamps for each individual one below.

0:52 – Barrel length in terms of bore diameter
3:18 – Why did the XM8 fail?

For more information on the OICW and XM-8, I recommend this post by Weaponsman: http://weaponsman.com/?p=5715

9:22 – Why are so many Japanese Type I Carcano rifles in unissued condition?
12:13 – Hammer bite – what actually happens? (high speed footage)
14:12 – What does my own gun collection look like, and what gun am I interested in?
19:52 – What’s the deal with flechettes?
22:41 – Will I be making more gunsmithing videos?

You can see the GunLab video channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/GunLabDotNet

23:40 – What elements would I incorporate into a gun of my own design?
26:17 – What WWI gun would I choose to take into WWI?
27:45 – How is the Ruger 10/22?
29:50 – Why was England the only country still using a revolver as a standard sidearm going into WWII?
32:32 – Were there any semi auto or full auto black powder guns?
33:46 – What are the pros and cons of tilting vs rotating bolts?
36:15 – Have people tried using stronger materials than brass for cartridge cases?
40:30 – What was the best overall 19th century single shot breechloader?
42:37 – Were there any types of multi-shot muzzleloading rifles?
44:51 – Why did it take so long for metallic cartridges to enter military service after they were first invented?
48:22 – What are my thoughts on 3D printed guns?

Check out DEFCON 24 here: https://www.defcon.org/html/defcon-24/dc-24-index.html

50:35 – Which last ditch rifle would I pick to use?
51:50 – When will I visit Europe, and what do I want to see there?