Q&A #23: Kalashnikov Questions w/ Larry Vickers

Today we have a Q&A with Larry Vickers, focussing specifically on the Kalashnikov. The new Vickers Guide book on the AK (volume 1) has just recently been released, and I’m quite proud to have been part of it. I filmed this while visiting with Larry and signing Signature Edition copies of the book with him.

Today’s questions:

02:15 – AK as replacement for PPSh?

03:52 – Benefits of an AK over a M4?

05:52 – What you learned during the process of authoring it together that you didn’t know before hand that you found fascinating.

07:46 – Opinion on the IWI Ace?

09:40 – 5.45 vs 7.62

11:28 – Does the AK still has a place as a “front-line” service rifle in comparison to the AR-15 family and the various other new generation assault rifles and carbines?

12:52 – Of all the countries that made AKM variants, which is actually the best?

14:51 – Has Russia ever attempted to replace the AK platform?

15:47 – Best AK muzzle device?

17:01 – Most significant changes/improvements made to the AK platform over the last decade?

19:08 – Followup, what about the siderail optics?

21:10 – What is your favorite offshoot of the Kalashnikov family?

22:08 – Reasons for continued use of 5.45mm?

24:32 – If you were part of the original development of the AK, what would you change from the beginning with the foresight of future development?

26:29 – AK-specific Vickers Tactical training in 2019?

(Larry’s training class schedule)

27:16 – Underfolder, sidefolder, AR tube adapter, which one and why?

28:33 – Thoughts on the AK prototypes with a recoil reduction counterweight?

30:48 – How does the Russian GP-25 40mm grenade launcher compare to western 40mm launchers like the M203.

31:41 – What do the Russians think about our military rifle?

33:05 – What made the AK platform superior to the SKS?

35:10 – Where do you think the AK’s reputation for poor accuracy came from?

37:40 – Thoughts on the AN-94?

39:46 – Was AK production done with technical aid or reverse engineering?

41:52 – Unique unique features on the prototypes that never made it to production?

42:39 – If I want to own everything within 300m, what’s my optimal barrel length (accuracy/velocity) for a 7.62 or 5.45 gun?