Q&A 21: French Edition

Today’s Q&A is all about French guns, because I am getting close to being finished writing a book on French military rifles – the first book to cover this subject in English from the Chassepot through the FAMAS!

You can check out the cover art contest and all the other book news at FrenchRifleBook.com.

01:34 – Favorite French pistol, rifle, and machine gun
03:13 – How did I get interested in French arms?
05:05 – Lebel’s effectiveness at preventing tube magazine detonation?
07:45 – Plans to make the RSC after WW1?
10:00 – Why was French arms development overwhelmingly government and not private?
12:01 – Current arms manufacturing capacity in France?
13:30 – How does the FAMAS fit into the general bullpup timeline?
16:16 – Should the RSC have been updated to use the 7.5mm cartridge?
17:30 – Do I speak French?
19:46 – Which was better, the Lebel or Berthier?
20:35 – Why did it take so long to replace the MAS 49/56?
22:18 – Would a modern FAMAS using P-mags be feasible?
24:05 – Why did France not adopt the Maxim gun?
26:02 – Do I plan to get optics for my FAMAS?
30:07 – Why did the French adopt en bloc clips?
31:20 – What French arms are currently available at reasonable prices?
34:36 – Are there French-specific themes to their small arms?
36:35 – Would it have made a difference if France had adopted a semiauto rifle by 1939?
37:04 – What did the French arsenals do under occupation/Vichy?
38:28 – Will my book include the tabatiere?
39:17 – Should France have adopted an intermediate round in place of the 7.5×54?
40:37 – Do I have a Chatellerault M91 Mosin?
42:48 – What could be improved on the FAMAS?
44:17 – Most practical French rifle of WW1?
44:54 – Did France use the Gatling Gun in the Franco-Prussian War?
47:13 – Thoughts on the adoption of the HK 416?
50:20 – Best French rifle adopted at its time?
51:54 – Why does the French government keep WW1 and WW2 stuff classified still today?
53:54 – What was the status of the MAS-40 when WW2 started?
55:46 – Greek use of the Berthier