Proxibid Warning

So, just a heads-up for you guys who take part in online auctions – we’ve had some complaints about the Proxibid outfit. They allow people to remotely participate in live auctions – like the Cowans Auction of Richard Wray’s collection that happened last week. Well, the problems is that Proxibid seems to do a pretty poor job of it. One of our members in particular lost out on an item because his bid simply wasn’t recognized by Proxibid (we’re not sure why), he never got a bid confirmation, and the item ended up selling for a couple hundred bucks less than he was willing to pay. What’s the solution? I really don’t know – there aren’t a whole lot of other options. But you should at least be aware that Proxibid has a pretty mediocre track record of reviews when you go into an auction.

Perhaps we have an online auction pro in the audience who can suggest a good alternative, or a trick to getting a smooth online bidding experience?