Product Giveaway Contest

I’m planning to do a major giveaway contest to help expand the readership here, and to thank all you folks for reading and commenting and helping to make Forgotten Weapons be so successful and enjoyable for us. The plan is to give away something cool every day for a month, so I need to find a bunch of companies making cool stuff, and I’d like to get your input. What neat things have you been eyeing that you would like the chance to get for free?

We’re looking at things in the $20-$100 range here, and with that in mind, please let me know who you would like to see participate in this event. We’re in Europe right now (specifically, in the Musee de Armee in Paris today if things have stayed on schedule), so I probably won’t be able to respond right away, but please let me know what companies you think would be a good fit. Holsters, magazines, maybe something like a collectible bayonet – you tell me. We’ll put the whole event together when we return to the US, and hopefully we can get you some great stuff and bring some new folks to the blog.


And just because I hate to leave a post without any pictures, here’s a shot of a board showing the steps for making cases and charger clips for the 6.5×53 Uruguayan Daudeteau-Mauser. Enjoy!

6.5x53 Uruguayan Daudeteau-Mauser cartridge and clip manufacture
6.5x53 Uruguayan Daudeteau-Mauser cartridge and clip manufacture