Polish Instruction Manuals – TT33, Mosin-Nagant, PPS-43

As you may have noticed, a lot of the manuals we post have a definite international flavor to them. Fpor some reason, governments in non-English-speaking countries often don’t print military documents in English. 🙂

Shooting a Polish Tokarev pistol
Shooting a Polish Tokarev pistol

Original documents are always the best source of information, as things can easily be left out or misinterpreted during translation. So we are happy to publish material in any language, and today’s additions are no exception. Courtesy of our friend Hrachya, we have three Polish instructional manuals, covering the TT33 Tokarev pistol, the Mosin-Nagant M38 and M44 carbines, and the PPSh-41/PPS43/PPS-43/52 submachineguns. The PPS-43/52 (wz.1943/52 in Polish nomenclature) was a PPS-43 with a fixed wooden stock instead of the more common folding stock. Poland was awash in these guns as a result of World War Two, and it makes good sense that the Polish military would make use of them. So, for a different perspective on Russian guns, here you go:

(1965) Instrukcja 7,62 mm KARABINEK wz. 1944. wz. 1938 (Polish)

(1954) Instruckja PISTOLET MASZYNOWY wz. 1941, wz. 1943 i wz. 1943/52 (Polish)

(1961) Instruckja PJSTOLET wz 1933 (Polish)