Pistola PRESSIN: Llama’s Sneaky Self-Defense Weapon

Developed in 1978 and produced by Llama until 1995, the Pressin was a two-shot derringer made to be disguised as a pair of glasses. It was intended for use by politicians, military officers, and other potential victims of kidnapping by groups like the ETA. A total of about 900 were made, most of which were deactivated and sold on the Spanish civilian market after Llama’s bankruptcy. It held two rounds of a special 7.65mm E cartridge, which was a rimless .32 ACP with a case cut down to 15mm. It was loaded to a higher pressure than normal .32ACP, firing a 5 gram (77 grain) bullet at 250 m/s (820fps).

.32 ACP (left) and 7.65mm E (right)