On the Way to Being Forgotten: AKU-94 Bullpup AK Conversion

The AKU-94 was a bullpup conversion kit made for standard AK rifles by K-Var a while back. They were never particularly popular, probably because in stock form they weren’t particularly good. The sights are wobbly and mediocre, the triggers were awful, the magazine was a very tight fit, and the furniture seemed pretty cheesy. Here’s what they were supposed to look like:

K-Var AKU-94 bullpup AK conversion
K-Var AKU-94 bullpup AK conversion – gotta love that front sight

In theory, they are sort of copying the short-lived Norinco 86S bullpup, but those were actually built from the ground up as bullpups, and a better design than this conversion.

A friend of mine recently took one of these AKU conversions as a project to see what he could fix, and made some pretty remarkable – and simple – improvements. With a better trigger and a good red dot optic, the AKU-94 really became a fairly nice gun, especially considering the cost relative to other bullpups. Of course, it will still knock your teeth out with the charging handle if fired left-handed, but hey, nothing’s perfect.