New Sponsor: James D. Julia Auction Company

I’d like to take a moment today to introduce our most recent new sponsor of Forgotten Weapons: the James D. Julia auction company. They are one of the premier firearms auctions houses in the US, and I have been using photos from their auctions in posts for a while. I’m very happy to have them on board as a site sponsor, and you can expect to see some pretty cool guns from their auctions a couple times per year. In addition, they have a search function that covers all their firearms auction lots back to 2002, called their Research Library. It’s still being refined, but they have had a whole ton of rare and interesting firearms (including a lot of historic machine guns) go through their business in the last 12 years, and the Research Library allows you to easily look up their descriptions and (top-notch) photographs of all those guns. If you create an account with them, you can also see the sale prices on all the guns…it’s an excellent source of information on guns that are difficult to find anywhere else.

Definitely a resource to check out! I’ve added it to my Research Links on the right sidebar, but figured I should point it out more directly.