New Site Sponsor: Fiocchi USA

I am very happy to announce that we have a new sponsor of Forgotten Weapons: Fiocchi. Founded in Italy in 1876, the company has been making cartridge ammunition for basically as long as cartridges have existed, with only a brief interruption when Allied bombers leveled the factory late in WWII (it was rebuilt immediately after the war).

Today, Fiocchi manufactures several lines of ammunition that cover virtually every application, including hunting and competition with rifles, pistols, and shotguns. They have a specific line of unjacketed ammo for Cowboy Action shooting, and also lead-free and frangible lines for indoor ranges and other situations requiring clean ammunition. And best of all for my purposes, they have a specific line of Classic Pistol ammo focusing on obsolete cartridges that are particularly difficult to find. These include:

This line offers a great opportunity for folks into these older guns to shoot clean and new factory-quality ammunition instead of having to deal with marginal surplus military ammo, commercial reloaders of unknown quality, or hand-making brass and reloading at home. I have used Fiocchi .45 ACP in competition for many years, and look forward to the opportunity to showcase some of their other products in some otherwise-unshootable classic pistols. If your local shop doesn’t carry the calibers you need, tell them to get in touch with a Fiocchi dealer!