Here at ForgottenWeapons, we have a pretty sizable reference collection that we use to study weapons designs. If pressed, we can rattle off its contents pretty well from memory, but it is important to have a collection properly cataloged. A detailed database of the guns is an essential precaution in case of theft or natural disaster, and the need to provide an inventory to police or insurance agents. A detailed inventory also allows us to check on what we have when we’re on the road and considering buying something, and when we just can’t remember details like the date of a particular gun, or how much we paid for it. And lastly, in case of our deaths, it would provide out loved ones with accurate values on the collection and protect them from being taken advantage of if and when they need to liquidate the guns.

Like many people, we used a crude Excel spreadsheet as the basis of our inventory for a long time. We have been keeping an eye out for a piece of proper database software to do this job for a long time, and we finally found a really great one: MyGunDB.

When you look through the layout and options in MyGunDB, you’ll see that it was clearly written by a gun nut like you and I. It is very simple and quick to use for a basic list of guns and serial numbers, but also offers a great amount of depth for tracking ammunition supply, gun accessories, maintenance work, and more. Whether you have a few guns or thousands of guns, you really need to keep records of them and MyGunDB is the best way to do so that we’ve found. Want to see all the features? Well, let’s take a look at how to use it:


After picking up our own copy of the software, we were so enthusiastic about it that we decided to partner up with the folks behind MyGunDB – so your purchase of the software will help you keep great track of your guns and also help support Forgotten Weapons. There are three options for use of the software:

  • Free – The free version has all the features enabled, but limits the number of guns to 10. This is fine for beginning collectors, and offers you a great way to organize a small collection at no expense.
  • Basic – The basic registration allows an unlimited number of guns in your database, but disables some of the accessory functions like ammunition and holsters, and has a limit of 3 photos per gun. At half the price of the full registration, this is a good compromise if you just want to record your guns with photos.
  • Full – Want the whole enchilada? The full registration unlocks every function in the software and allows an unlimited number of guns. This makes it the ideal inventory tool for the serious collector, and it’s what we use.

So, click over to and get yourself a copy now!



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